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It’s hard to imagine that a watchmaker could be one of the most reputable companies in the world – it’s even harder to imagine that that watchmaker is in fact the number one most reputable company on the planet according to Forbes and Boston-based consulting firm The Reputation Institute. Then again, Rolex is Rolex Replica.

Announced this week, Forbes Magazine and the Reputation Institute’s yearly survey of the world’s most reputable companies was released and for the second year in a row, Rolex took the top spot. Behind Rolex was Lego at number two, followed by Walt Disney, Canon, and Google rounding out the top five.

Respondents perceive the Geneva-based firm as having high-quality products that it stands behind that meet customers’ needs. Respondents also see the company as being well-organized and profitable.


While Fake Rolex indeed took the top spot in 2016, its score actually increased this year, breaking the 80 points mark for the first time since this report was introduced. What’s even more impressive is that not only is Rolex the only watchmaker to make the list of the 100 most reputable companies, it is just one of a handful of “luxury” companies on the list. Others include Giorgio Armani and BMW, while the remainder of the list are more traditional consumer focused brands.

You can read the full list of the most reputable companies in the world right here.

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