rolex day date white gold replica watches

Leonard Fournette Has A New Replica Rolex Day Date Watch And It’s Not At All Cheap

Not only will Leonard Fournette be leaving LSU for the NFL having made his mark in the school’s record book, he apparently will be heading into the pros with a nice collection of rolex day date silver replica watches.

Because I, too, am a sub-$100 watch guy, I had to do a basic search to see what a piece like this would run. This appears to be one of Rolex’s Day-Date Series and, minus the diamond additions, would retail for around $550. Add the diamonds and this would be in the price point of $60-600.

rolex day date white gold replica watches
rolex day date white gold replica watches

According to, annual college expenses for those attending LSU is somewhere in the ballpark of around $29,000. Because Fournette was on scholarship for his two and a half years at LSU, a rough estimate of $600 in college expenses, would be more expensive than his new watch, but only barely.

No one ever claimed to be “on fleek” with a a responsible purchase like a college education.

Apparently, this isn’t the only time piece in Fournette’s collection. Last month, TMZ reported he became the owner of a more icy Rolex. This could have been a gift from his new agent, Jay Z, who runs the agency Roc Nation Sports.

While the Jay Z watch has more diamonds, the latest cheap fake rolex daydate watch is so fresh, it has revamped the Roman numeral system. The tried and true IV is now IIII. Now that’s fleek, I think.

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